800 8th Street Canyon, Tx  79015  |  806-655-7106
Our Core Values
Great Love for God - We believe that our love for God is to be evident
in every aspect of our lives.

Love for Others - We believe that we are to follow Christ's example of
selfless love for others.

Authority of Scripture - We believe in the commands to teach and to
follow the Bible for guidance in every aspect of our lives and for wisdom
to know God.

Spirit to provide direction, wisdom and strength for all that we do.

Authentic Community - We believe in meeting together in real community
through small groups for encouragement and accountability.  We believe in
developing discipling relationships where we are strengthened and
strengthen others in our walk with Christ.

Investing in the lost - We believe in investing our lives in the lost around
us to see them grow to know Jesus Christ.  We believe that God calls us
to reach the lost in our community and around the world.

Relevant Environments - We believe in meeting people where they are and
drawing them into a growing relationship with God through all aspects of
our services, meetings, and events.
Our Purpose
The God-ordained purpose of Calvary is to
bring glory to God through Jesus Christ
By worshipping Him, loving each other
through Him, and reaching out to the lost
with Him.

Our Message
To know and love God through Jesus
Christ is the greatest joy and purpose of

Our Mission
The mission of Calvary is to lead every
person possible into a growing relationship
with God through Jesus Christ.